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Transport within Alicante, up to a radius of 12 km: 15 €
Transport beyond 12km: a 0.50 € el km recorrido
If you come by taxi, we will reimburse you up to €5 (on presentation of receipt).

Our rentals



Maybe your car is out of use, the repair is going to take longer than expected and to top it off, you do not have a replacement vehicle.

And what if for that new job you need another way to get around other than by public transport?

Or perhaps you just need the bike at specific times, or yours is with us for repair...

Maybe the practical lessons at your driving school for your A1 motorbike licence are not as cheap as you thought...

Or those friends who come to visit want to discover your city ... or perhaps you are the visitor!

Or you simply wish to enjoy a different kind of weekend.

At Motour we know that each client has different needs, which is why we have many options available for renting. You can rent by the hour, the day or even the month, and there are vouchers for 10, 20 and 30 days which you can spend as and when you need.We give special discounts if you have your bike in our workshop, and we will even deliver the bike and pick it up if you are unable to come to us.All this from a team that will make you feel right at home.

This is what makes Motos Motour different. Since 2008 we have been helping to solve your transport problems, improving our bikes day by day so you can reach all corners of the city to better enjoy your holiday or the Alicante fiestas.Eliminate the stress of traffic and public transport, the high costs of petrol and public parking problems.

Motos Motour is your best option if you are looking for quality and price in any feature of motorbike rental.



Motos Motour has been helping SMEs since 2007 with their particular mobility and transport needs, striving to achieve the common goals of economy and convenience for the company.

Transport companies, horeca, couriers, repair services: if you are just starting out and need your own fleet, or even for the mobility of senior executives who need to get around the city without the burden of waiting for a taxi every time they need one.

All kinds of companies may need to travel both in and out of town for different reasons and motorbike rental is the most advantageous solution.

Choosing us as the solution has many advantages, including:


  • The rental fee is considered a direct running cost, thus reducing accounting entries (asset activation, debt register, depreciation, etc.).
  • All services are integrated into one monthly payment.
  • It allows the item to be used without having to make the initial outlay for its purchase.
  • It is not considered debt and therefore does not reduce credit capacity.
  • All product-related costs are known.
  • For companies and individual professionals who use the item for their professional activity, the rental fee is a fully deductible business expense.
  • Likewise, the VAT of the quota is fully deductible.
In addition:
  • Internal costs are reduced and time is saved by leaving related tasks (negotiation of purchase, insurance contracts, maintenance management, payment of taxes, issue resolving, resale, etc.) in the hands of specialists.
  • Depreciation when selling the used goods is eliminated.
  • It can be used by anyone.
  • The item is always in perfect conditions for its use at no additional expense, ensuring maximum safety whilst conveying the best image.

We offer short and long-term rentals, as well as purchase option deals.

We carry out a personalized study tailored to the needs of the company, needless to say with no obligation.

Would you like to benefit from our product?

Call or visit us and we will show you why mobility both in and out of town is so effective and economically important for a modern company.

We have all kinds of high-end motorbikes for an enhanced corporate image. Our bikes are adapted for deliveries, with reinforced chassis for heavier loads, cases of up to 85 litres, customised to suit the needs of each type of delivery, and larger petrol tanks. And always backed up by the guarantee of a leading brand.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us for information for your business. With Motos Motour everything is possible.

Rental conditions:

All you need: Passport or other ID and a valid driver’s license.