Terms and Conditions

Documents required:

DNI or Passport Driving License valid in Spain (Car or Motorbike) Deposit: Credit Card (on 49 cc motorbikes: 300€, Tweet 125cc: 450€, Belville 125cc 600€ and on Premium motorbikes: 900€) Payment method:

Bank transfer Paypal Credit card Cash Prices include VAT.

Minimum age for drivers:

50cc: 18 years of age 125cc: 21 years of age, with a minimum of 3 years of validity of the license or license valid for 125cc motorcycles. Collection and delivery of the motorcycles:

At our head office during office hours (9:30-13:30h and 16:30-19:30h). Out of hours: call mobile 601 054 742

Delivery service: Call us for more detailed information.

We will reimburse you up to 5 € if you come by taxi to our shop (You must present the corresponding receipt).

The company reserves the right to offer a bike of equal or higher value, in case we do not have the exact model reserved.


Third party damage and other risks are covered with a limit.

GENERAL RENTAL CONDITIONS ARTICLE 1. USE OF THE MOTORCYCLE. 1.1 The hirer undertakes to use and drive the motorcycle in accordance with the basic rules of driving and circulation and in accordance with the specifications for use of the type of vehicle.

1.2 The Hirer undertakes not to use the vehicle and/or not to allow it to be used in the following cases:

a) Paid passenger transport. b) Pushing or towing any vehicle or any other object, rolling or not. c) Participating in competitions, official or not, carrying out resistance tests of materials, accessories or products (unless expressly authorized by the Lessor) d) Driving the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other type of substances e) Transporting goods that infringe the Law or the legal provisions in force, or for illicit purposes.
f) Transporting more passengers than the number authorised and indicated on the vehicle’s registration and/or technical inspection certificate.
g) Transport of goods in weight, quantity and/or volume in excess of that authorised in the Vehicle Registration Certificate and/or the Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate. h) Transport of flammable and/or dangerous goods, as well as noxious toxic products and/or i) Transport of animals of any kind. j) With luggage racks or similar that are not supplied by the Lessor.
1.3 Only the person or persons identified and accepted by the Lessor in the rental contract and/or any annexes thereto are authorised to drive the Vehicle, provided that they have reached the age of 18 or 21 and hold a valid and valid driving licence.

In particular, the lessees must have the required administrative authorisation (Permit and Licence) and must exchange the driving licences issued abroad when this is provided for in current legislation.

The lessee shall be obliged to show the aforementioned documentation to the lessor, who shall take a copy before formalising the rental contract.

1.4 The Hirer undertakes to keep the motorbike locked when not in use (using the devices provided by the Lessor for this purpose) and to keep the documents of the same.

1.5 The Lessee undertakes to keep the vehicle properly parked and guarded when not in use.

1.6 It is expressly forbidden to the Lessee to transfer, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or in any way give in guarantee: the Vehicle, the rental contract, the keys, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and/or the accessories of the Vehicle and/or any part or piece of the same without the express written authorization of MOTOUR; or to treat the above mentioned in a way that causes damage to the Lessor.

1.7 It is the Lessee’s obligation to stop the vehicle as soon as possible when, while the vehicle is in motion, the instruments or any of the lights that detect an anomaly in the operation of the vehicle light up or when he/she perceives external signs or sounds that indicate a breakdown or malfunction of the vehicle. In this case, the Renter must contact the Lessor or the Roadside Assistance Company arranged by the Lessor, and only the latter. Charges will only be accepted on behalf of the Assistance Company in cases of urgency and/or when expressly authorised by the Lessor.

1.8 It is forbidden to use the vehicle outside the province.

1.9 It is not permitted to transport the Vehicle on board any type of ship, train, lorry or plane (unless expressly authorised in writing by the Rental Firm).

1.10 Kilometres are limited to a maximum average of 50 kms. per rental day if it is a 50cc. or 125 kms. for more than 50cc. The cost per additional km is 0,79 €.

1.11 Any damages of any kind that the lessor may suffer as a result of the rental.