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Motorcycle rental for backpackers.

Motorbike rental to visit Alicante and surroundings at your leisure. Quick, comfortable and cheap!

Rent a motorcycle in Alicante

If you are going to travel to Alicante and want to know it in depth, your best option is to rent a motorbike. Doing so allows you to visit the city and its surroundings in a different way, get to where other travellers can’t even imagine and live the experience of travelling as a real backpacker.
Alicante is a perfect city to tour on a motorcycle because it has many secret corners, places that only the most adventurous travelers get to discover! Besides, renting a motorbike is the fastest, most comfortable and cheapest way to get to know the city.
If you want to visit Alicante at your own pace and do it in an affordable way, we recommend you to rent a motorbike with Motos Motour. We have the best prices in town!
Whether you land at Alicante airport or arrive at the train or bus station, we will take the bike anywhere so that you can start your route from the moment you arrive. If you have already chosen your destination, booked your Airbnb and planned everything you want to visit, all you have to do is rent your bike! We have a wide selection of models.
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