Motorcycle Routes in Alicante

Rutas para ir en moto por Alicante

Part of Alicante’s special charm lies in the amazing spots and landscapes the province has to offer. These wonderful places are not to be missed, especially if you love motorcycle road trips.

While there are plenty of motorcycle trips to do in Spain, below you will find some of the best routes in Alicante. That way, simply keep your eyes wide open and experience the bliss. Discover below the loveliest motorcycle rides in Alicante.

Sierra de Mariola Natural Park

If you are passing through Alicante, you cannot miss the Sierra de Mariola  Natural Park. Declared a natural park by the Valencian government, it is home to some of the most renowned villages in the province, such as Alcoy, Bañeres, Agres or Cocentaina.

This route is perfect for a motorcycling tour, as the road circles around the entire park and its municipalities, offering incredible landscapes and views. Just make sure you’re ready for the bends: there are a lot of them!

Callosa de Ensarriá

This Alicante municipality has a mountainous landscape that makes it ideal to explore on a motorcycle. It is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Aitana, Bernia and Chortá, and two rivers run across it: the Algar and Guadalest rivers.

This route is a little longer than the one above, but it‘s definitely worth it. It’s perfect to spend a quiet day and to disconnect.

You can start the route in Alicante city and complete about 300 km if you decide to see the magnificent views of Carrasqueta Port. The roads are pleasant and quite windy. On top of that, both beach and mountains await you: What’s not to love?

Alicante castles

The land of Alicante is dotted with large stone fortresses holding secrets and legends. They are spread throughout the province and are therefore perfect to explore on a motorcycle.

Among the hidden castles in Alicante municipalities are: the Castle of Altamira in Elche, the Castle of La Mola in Novelda or the Castle of Santa Barbara, in the city of Alicante. But that’s not all. There are more, for example in Elda, Biar, Castalla, or Villena.

If you know how to get around, it's easy to see them all in one day. To enjoy a range of spots, we recommend setting off in Elche and finishing in Alicante. You’ll get your fill of the Mediterranean vibe.

The best motorcycle journeys are those that let you discover incredible places. Now that you know a little more, will you dare to try any in Alicante province? What other motorcycle routes do you know in Spain?

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