What documentation do I need to rent a motorcycle?

Motorcycles have become a preferred means of transport for tourists. They are easy to drive, more affordable than a car, use less fuel, and are also easier to park. A motorcycle is an ideal means of transport for one or two people to move around a city or to go to and from the beach. But you may be wondering: What documentation do I need to rent a motorcycle?

All the documentation you need to rent a motorcycle

Several documents are required to rent a motorcycle. Some of them are provided by you and others by the rental company. Use the list below to check that you have them all before setting off.

  1. Valid driving licence. The most important document to have on you is your driving licence. The rental agency will ask you for your licence to formalise the contract, and you must have it with your every time you use the motorcycle.
  2. ID card or passport. Although a driving licence is an official identity document, it is recommended that you also bring your ID card or passport with you as the agency is likely to ask you for it to sign the contract.
  3. Rental agreement. You must read through the rental agreement thoroughly and ask any questions that may arise. Always carry the agreement with you in case the police ask you for it.
  4. Motorcycle documentation. To circulate, it is necessary to have the motorcycle documentation with you or a certified copy of the documentation wherever you go. You cannot travel without taking it with you.
  5. Proof of payment. Depending on the rental company, you may need to leave a deposit for the motorcycle or for some element of the rental. To ensure that the amount is refunded upon return, please take the document that justifies the payment with you and do not lose it.

When renting a motorcycle at Motour, you don’t have to worry about the documentation. By simply showing us the legally required documents, we will provide you with everything you need for a carefree experience: just enjoy your rides!

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